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Are Your Business Operating Hours Costing You Leads?


Timing of your Business hours is crucial for ensuring you get the most out of your inbound leads.

Sometimes your customers are trying to tell you something important without speaking, call tracking gives you the means to listen and understand your audience. One of the most important things call tracking can help with is gauging when your customers are seeking your Business.

This helps not only with scheduling your staff, but also timing your ads for better targeting and ROI.

Case study 1: Better Targeting for Better ROI

One of our legal clients was running an online campaign, and getting good call volumes as a result. After the campaign had run for a few weeks, a detailed analysis of the calls was done by AVANSER. The Hourly call report showed that 70% of calls received for this campaign were occurring between 2pm to 3pm. This unusual call trend lead to a deeper dive into the calls, and upon listening to the call recordings, it was discovered that the majority of respondents were young mothers and that 2pm to 3pm ( before picking their kids up from school) was the only lucrative window to target while they were seeking services of multiple businesses by doing research online.

With this new found insight, the campaign was targeted to run only between 1pm and 4pm. This lead to a reduction in Advertising Costs, whilst increasing the volume of leads.

Case Study 2 : Work to Your Client’s Schedule

Another of AVANSER’s Home Addition clients would work out of their showroom from 9am to 5pm – Monday through Friday. At the start of each day the team would call back the missed calls they had received after hours. However they performed this task at a crucial peak in their inbound call volume at 9am – and then they ended up missing even more calls because they were on the phone instead of answering it! 

AVANSER did a review of the Hourly call report and discovered that the calls being returned were predominantly received between 8am and 9am, just before the team started for the day. There was also a corresponding drop on the calls after 4pm.

With this discovery from the AVANSER portal, the floor Manager altered the schedule of the team to start earlier at 8am and finish at 4pm. The team now had much fewer after hour calls to respond to, and were able to immediately respond to the early morning callers and potential customers too!

Timing is crucial to making the most of your inbound leads, and in many industries a missed call is an opportunity for a competitor to swoop in and steal a customer. Analysis on what day of the week and what hour of the day your calls are coming in can be crucial not only to better targeting of your Advertising, but also ensuring you are making the most of the leads your Marketing is generating.

You can find the Daily and Hourly call reports in the AVANSER portal. Simply open up the reports menu, and select Hourly or Daily from the advances reports section.

If you’re interested in exploring how to get the most from your AVANSER reports, reach out to your Account Manager today!

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