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Two key reasons we’re excited to launch Virtual Mobile Numbers

The introduction of Virtual Mobile Numbers (VMN) in Australia is great news for businesses big and small. Here are the two key reasons we are excited about the launch of VMN’s in Australia, and also how you can take advantage of them in your business:

Take greater control of your business
Take greater control of your business


How often have you looked down at a business card or email signature to find the persons mobile number in prime position? Or how often do you store that mobile number as the primary contact in your CRM, mobile phone or personal contact list?
What happens when that person or dealer leaves the company/network, say for a competitor?
VMN’s give you the ability to retain ownership of their listed mobile and simply re-route the calls to the new rep/ dealer when they leave.
VMN support both voice and SMS, they are device agnostic, and require NO SIM card. They can be programmed / routed to an existing mobile number, giving you the power to have multiple mobile numbers to a single device or to fixed lines – allowing you to control calls through a centralised location.
This give businesses the flexibility of allowing staff to bring their own device while ensuring that business calls are tracked and all relevant data is captured and owned by the business.
Additionally, you’ll have real time access to a reporting platform for all calls to multiple sales staff, vehicles, mobile branches, etc plus a full suite of business intelligence reports.


1300 / 1800 numbers have long been used to create a sense of scale that may not actually be representative of the size of your business. We have all seen the one man band plumber getting around town with a big 1300 number plastered down the side of his beat up Ute. For a long time, giving people the sense that you were part of a bigger organisation (why else would you need a 1300 number if you were not a national business?) gave potential clients a sense of security.
That has not changed as much as it has evolved. Customers still want that same level of security (in fact probably even more so than ever) but they are more likely to judge you based on your position on Google, local directories, your online reviews and the look and feel of your website then the presence of a 1300 number and the size of your ad in the yellow pages.
However, something that has changed dramatically in the last 2 years is the emphasis on local search and services. Massive increases in local search, especially from mobile devices have led to a huge shift in thinking. Businesses big and small are now trying to present themselves as local to your area, and VMN’s are a great way to do exactly that.
No other number gives you the same sense of direct connection to someone as a mobile does and with the launch of VMN’s in Australia now you can have the flexibility and reporting of traditional tracking numbers such as 1300/1800 or geo-local with the personal feel of a mobile number.
We love this new product and are already seeing some great applications for VMN. We are excited by the prospect of working with clients to find new ways of adding value to their business and if what we have seen from early adopters hold true, there is plenty of value to be had.

By Simon Pereira

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