Call Tracking

Feature Rich Real Time Call Tracking to Improve Marketing Performance.


Take greater control of your business with AVANSER’s real-time call tracking solution. Tracking every inbound call will enable you to make better-informed decisions, easily evaluate the effectiveness and ROI of your marketing campaigns plus deliver real-time business intelligence on internal systems and processes.

AVANSER’s call tracking fully hosted solution requires no hardware or software, with multi-level access from anywhere in the world via AVANSER’s online portal. Optimise your marketing with AVANSER Call Tracking.

dynamic numbersDynamic Numbers

Clever tracking code embedded on your website changes the phone number displayed depending on the lead source of the visitor. These Dynamic Tracking Numbers track the origin of each visitor that lands on your website. Each time you receive a new visitor the number on your website changes to the number from your online ad.


Keyword-Level Tracking

Gain insight into the keywords that are driving the phone calls to your business by tracking an unlimited number of keywords. The Dynamic Number solution mentioned above will allow specific keyword data to be reported on and joined with the phone call to allow you to optimize your marketing spend on the keywords that generate ROI in your business.


Multi-Channel Online & Offline Tracking

Track traditional offline media as well as online digital media to uncover exactly which marketing channels are driving your calls. Track Yellow Pages, Radio, TV, Direct Mail, Google, Bing, PPC, Affiliates, brochures, infographics and newsletters. Analyse your call analytics to determine which campaigns and channels are generating real revenue.

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Using AVANSER in conjunction with our CRM tools has made the tracking of our advertising dollar almost microscopic!! Not only can we now pinpoint the source of an enquiry we can listen to the interaction between our Sales Team and our potential clients. Also with AVANSER we have been able to astound so many potential clients by having Managers alerted of Missed Calls and responding immediately.


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