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NZ Franchises

Understand the lead distribution in your New Zealand franchises and better manage brand consistency

Call Tracking in NZ with AVANSER is a tool that packs a powerful punch for franchise stakeholders. They want to really understand what’s going on under the hood when it comes to the effectiveness of their sales & marketing processes.

Offline Advertising with AVANSER

Our system gives you unique phone numbers for each of your traditional offline advertising channels. This helps you to see which ad is actually generating more phone enquiries and which ads are not doing anything.

Live performance tracking of your marketing 

AVANSER Call Tracking allows you to see, at a glance, how many real leads each marketing channel in the campaign is generating. View the online or offline advertising source, keyword, search engine, location and more! In-house marketing teams and/or marketing agencies can then use this data to reduce marketing waste while optimising existing marketing performance to drive more calls!

Call line too hot to handle?

If you’re getting more calls than you know what to do with, AVANSER’s Call Routing allows you to set up powerful call management options and rules, giving you complete control over how calls are channelled and managed. Send sales calls to the sales team, and customer service calls to the customer service team – no awkward department transfers, efficient for both customer and team!

  • Re-route calls based on busy seasonal periods to reduce missed calls.
  • Set up dynamic menu systems that generate options for callers on-the-fly depending on their postcode.
  • Control, automate and send leads to different locations based on rules you specify.
  • Reduce the risk of missed calls by setting up call forwarding processes.

Ensure brand consistency

AVANSER’s Call Conversion solutions help franchise stakeholders monitor exactly what’s happening on each inbound sales call.

  • Does each branch handle calls the same way?
  • Do they ask the same questions and have good product knowledge?
  • Are customer service inquiries being handled efficiently?
  • Are calls being missed?

Convert missed calls into new sales

Based on our own call data in Australia, on average, Australian businesses miss 17% of their calls – that’s not on.

Obviously, missed calls are wasteful to a business, but they can also be dangerous, leading a customer to maybe reach out to a competitor!

AVANSER’s Call Tracking & Analytics solution helps you minimise and even eliminate missed calls by sending an instant email to your team so they can quickly convert that call into a sale – don’t let any customer be the one that got away.

For a bustling business with fantastic franchises, you need AVANSER.


“We are a small business that didn’t need much of the advanced features, but as we grew, our awesome Account Manager TL has been awesome to step up and guide us on how to maximise the system. The AVANSER team is customer centric and customer service focused.”

Chris Venal
“I needed something that would record my phone calls for quality and compliance purposes and wanted it automated. Being a Mortgage Broker, I felt that this would not only assist me to recall phone calls but to also have them transcribed into text that could be uploaded to my CRM. I came across AVANSER at an industry conference and immediately signed up. I have been extremely happy with their service and have incorporated my new virtual mobile number into my marketing. Thank you to AVANSER for a wonderful product.”

Tony Imbruglia

Accurate Data is calling; ready to answer?