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Take credit for every sales call you make

Credit given where credit is due.

When your clients have many inbound strategies, it’s critical to be able to claim the recognition your agency deserves for the KPI’s they are smashing.

Learn more about your sales leads than ever before

  • Inbound Lead Notification makes your customer reporting an automatic process. It sends a pinged notification every single time your campaign produces an inbound sales call. The call will also be recorded, and your client can receive it straight into their inbox. 
  • Inbound Lead Notification is stuffed to the brim with features that will allow you to create a bespoke service to suit the requirements of each client.
  • Look the part! It’s possible to white label your Inbound Lead Notifications in order to match the brand.

Conversions are made easier and deliver measurable results

  • There is nothing more satisfying than a white-hot lead, and phone leads are some of the hottest. That’s because they can convert into a sale 10x more efficiently (at least) than regular web leads.
  • Phone calls are so valuable for business owners simply because the client on the other end of the call is actively seeking relevant information to make the decision to buy the product or service, or they are already ready to buy!
  • AVANSER’s call tracking system allows your team to track the quality and relevancy of the leads you are sending to your client. This helps you to fiddle with the details and optimise your campaigns to be more effective.

Don’t let your call marketing be called redundant.

In reality, most of the current analytics platforms can’t actually see phone calls. That means that neither you nor your client can attribute marketing to calls with any real accuracy. With online marketing built for measuring results with data on impressions, clicks and online conversions, call data leaves a lot to the imagination in terms of its success – until now. 

Using our call data, you can now prove your value to your client’s marketing budget by optimising your call marketing conversions – and showing the numbers.

Integrate call analytics into your current tracking platforms

AVANSER can integrate with many popular platforms, ensuring you are covering all of the most important data points. We make it really simple for you to view the complete customer journey and identify with ease what’s working and what isn’t.

Get your agency the recognition it deserves for your clients.


“We are a small business that didn’t need much of the advanced features, but as we grew, our awesome Account Manager TL has been awesome to step up and guide us on how to maximise the system. The AVANSER team is customer centric and customer service focused.”

Chris Venal
“I needed something that would record my phone calls for quality and compliance purposes and wanted it automated. Being a Mortgage Broker, I felt that this would not only assist me to recall phone calls but to also have them transcribed into text that could be uploaded to my CRM. I came across AVANSER at an industry conference and immediately signed up. I have been extremely happy with their service and have incorporated my new virtual mobile number into my marketing. Thank you to AVANSER for a wonderful product.”

Tony Imbruglia

Accurate Data is calling. Ready to answer?