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General FAQS

We are proud at AVANSER to be the global leader in call tracking, operating in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Singapore.

AVANSER is regarded for our capacity to create completely bespoke solutions to serve a high number of various needs that our clients might have. We invest significantly in our infrastructure – well over and above industry standard to ensure your hosted service will always be reliable and ready to work when you are.

This means:
1. Incredibly clear calls (no annoying sounds, echoing or invasive voice delays).
2. A high call capacity: You’ll have no missed calls down to an overload of calls, which is a very common issue with call tracking.
3. Redundancy measures: If something goes pear-shaped, we have other systems as a backup that will take over automatically.
4. Security: Your sensitive data is always protected because our focus lies in being the most secure system. Our security measures are the reason why enterprise-level corporations trust us with their data.

AVANSER catches the details of every single call live, which means you won’t lose a single sales opportunity due to unanswered, busy or abandoned phone calls.

AVANSER can also assist you with optimising your advertising budget by giving you priceless insights into exactly which advertising is delivering more leads more consistently.

Busy: An active line is already busy when a call comes in. 

Unanswered: a phone call comes through, connects and then times out due to no one answering the call. 

Abandoned: a phone call rings through, but the caller hangs up before connecting with an agent on the other end. 

AVANSER uses Dynamic Numbers, which essentially enables online marketers to display unique tracking numbers automatically on a website. This is all according to the specifically chosen keyword, PPC ad, referring website, banner ad or search engine to track which online sources of traffic are generating phone leads.

No. AVANSER has no lock-in contracts. The only thing we require to terminate service is a 30-day notice of cancellation.

Absolutely. AVANSER’s advanced API enables you to take advantage of your online marketing efforts with more control by integrating your business call data straight into your Google Analytics account. We can also integrate into a wide range of additional marketing measurement and analytics tools, including Google DoubleClick and Google Adwords.

Check out our integrations page to see who we’re currently integrating with.

Technology and Service

Definitely. We operate a customer support team at our Sydney headquarters, as well as in Malaysia.

On the surface, all call-tracking providers can pretty much appear the same on the surface. However, we’ve been doing what we do best for a long time and have developed the single most secure, reliable, and forward-thinking solution for call tracking.

We operate a specialist customer service team both in Australia and in Malaysia to reach all of our customers. 

We listen to our client’s needs and are always in the business of developing new solutions to tackle them. This back-and-forth development and focus on client demand allow us to support our clients in ways that our competitors can’t.

Our team can have the service fully configured and ready to go within two to three working days.

No. All AVANSER-hosted calls will be directed to your current lines, as per usual, so there is no disruption to your phone service. AVANSER is a fully hosted service, so there is no requirement to install any extra software or hardware.

No. Our solution lives entirely up in the cloud. As an example, we are able to assign an unlimited amount of numbers to one mobile phone without needing to get a new sim card or set up any virtual call centre – and we do this without the need for expensive infrastructure updates.

Integrating Solutions

AVANSER operates by integrating with several different solutions, including Dashboards, CRMs and Analytics. Take a glance at our integrations page for a complete list of our existing integrations.

If there’s something you’re using and we’re not integrating with, we want to know about it! Let us know and make a request for the integration, and we’ll get the wheels turning to get your AVANSER call data exactly where you need it.

For any standard integration, whether it’s new or existing, we charge a one-off fee of $150.00. Specialist integrations generally need a bit more work and, therefore, may incur additional costs. We’ll let you know upfront what price your particular integration will cost.

The best source of accurate information is us! Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our super friendly and helpful support team or your AVANSER account manager, who will be more than happy to answer any queries you may have.

By integrating AVANSER with your existing call solutions, you will benefit from your call data appearing alongside all your other data, which gives you a full picture of your overall performance. AVANSER integrations let you utilise AVANSER call data to improve your online campaigns, calculate the success of your pages in your A/B testing experiments and deliver effective reports, hugely enhancing the capabilities of the solutions you use to manage your business.