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Secure a cloud-based solution for all your call centre requirements

AVANSER’s Real Time Intelligent Call Centre is a call centre solution that is 100% cloud-based, delivering unprecedented insight and analytics. The tool can tell you where your calls came from and how they are being handled by your staff in real-time.

Our solution provides simple, streamlined management of your call system to make your clients’ call journey smooth and enjoyable. And that’s just the start; with no massive investment in hardware required, the tool is incredibly flexible and scalable to your business requirements.

Our smart solution and its benefits.

Cloud Based

Get started from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection. To use it overseas, you won't need any more software or hardware.


Check out how your staff is doing anywhere you have an internet connection—ideal for overseeing and unifying multi-site and multi-national teams.

Flexible & Scalable

Unlike other systems, our system can scale up with your business. Begin with small teams and call volumes and build to corporate-level call centres without needing to upgrade equipment. Easy!

Simple to Set Up & Get Started

Because our solution can work seamlessly with your existing hardware and equipment, it can be implemented without disrupting your business. Calls can be received as per usual while the configuration is taking place to not drop any calls in the interim.

No High-Risk Investment

Compared to regular call centre systems, where you need to fork out a lot of cash for new hardware, software, setup and licensing fees, you can use ours with your own equipment! Simply set up the tech on your existing hardware and upscale as your business gets bigger.

Work from Home & Abroad

Our simple solution allows your team to take calls anywhere without being restricted to a location. This solution is great for agents working from home, international and multi-site teams.

Live Insights & Analytics

Our solution's easy-to-use and intuitive live dashboard lets you view real-time insights and analytics in a simple and effective way.

How our solution works

Our solution is a cloud-based technology suitable for all your call centre requirements. It helps businesses, big and small, to utilise a call management system where inbound and outbound calls can be managed more efficiently.

At the start of the day, staff log into AVANSER’s web-based portal. They then simply press a button to let the system know that they are ready to start handling calls. Once our program knows they are ready to start taking calls, the staff member can go about their day as normal; it really is that simple. If your team ever needs a break, they just click a button, and our solution knows not to pass them calls until they return. While your agent goes about their day, our solution will capture a range of data about your phone calls, such as the call status, duration, talk time, call recording, caller location and more. It will also capture details on how your team are working, like how many calls were answered or missed, average talk times, times spent on break and more.

Accurate Data is calling. Ready to answer?