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3 tools to drive more inbound sales calls for your team

In this article, you’re going to learn how to drive more inbound leads and sales using one of the most powerful yet misused sales channels: The phone call.

In the past, business owners, marketing managers, and agencies were focused on the “click”. Times are rapidly changing especially for businesses that rely on the phone to generate sales.

A study conducted by BIA Kelsey confirmed that inbound calls are incredibly valuable; on average, they convert to revenue 10-15 more than web leads.

This means we need to focus on getting really good at our call conversion strategy.

Here are 3 powerful ways to keep that scent-trail hot to quickly improve your sales power over the phone.

  1. Call Tracking & Analytics
    Just like you have analytics for tracking clicks you can now have analytics for tracking the journey of a call.

With call analytics you can track:

  • Online campaigns
  • Keywords
  • Company brochuresLanding pages
  • EDM (digital email content)
  • Online or offline article
  • PR
  • Whitepapers
  • Special events (tradeshows)

With Call Tracking you can track virtually ANY channel to understand exactly which are truly driving your results.

That’s powerful information to have.

For example, you may find that one of your online articles is driving high-quality inbound calls. Now that you know, you can repurpose that content into brochures, online sales videos etc

If you find a keyword is driving you poor leads you can now drop that keyword and go for something else.

If you find an advertising channel is working well, you may want to get more aggressive and channel more money into it.

Understanding the origin of each call is ESSENTIAL for ensuring you’re driving the best leads to your company.

2. Call Conversion
Now that you’re driving better calls and receiving more of them, how is your team handling those calls?

Are they asking the right questions?

Are they matching the right solutions to the right needs?

Are there any gaps that you need to train around?

Are they sticking to a proven presentation that works or are they making it up on the fly?

There’s no point sending your team good leads if they fail to convert.

Call Recording allows you to understand exactly what is going on and how your leads are being handled.

This information is invaluable, in fact, a lot of businesses that have been using this method have been blown away by how their phones have been answered. Armed with that knowledge, they’ve been able to course-correct and train their team so that they’re booking more appointments or getting more test drives etc

3. Call Outcome
How much is each call worth to you?

Understanding how much each call is worth is yet another essential piece of the puzzle and can help you adjust your marketing to increase your call ROI

If you have a business that relies on frequent repeat business then you may track this over a 12 month period to learn the annual value of that specific channel.

If your business relies on one-off sales then you, of course, want to know the ROI of each call.

By arming yourself with the right data you can turn the humble telephone into a highly optimized revenue driver for your company.

The call is the new click; we now have sophisticated analytics tools that give you an incredibly in-depth amount of information about your calls, where they come from, how your team handles those leads and how to measure the return on investment for each call.

But we’re just scratching the surface.

If the phone call is how you generate business then AVANSER has a complete suite of solutions that can help you understand your calls and use that information to grow your sales revenue.

Request a live demonstration now to see how we can help you with your call conversion strategy on 1300 106 513.

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