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ARTIC’s New Feature: Start-Stop Call Recording on Demand

On-demand recording control has been available through our core call tracking service for some time, however, our ARTIC clients have unfairly been unable to benefit from this feature, until now. We are excited to announce the release of integrated ARTIC start-stop recording! 

This update provides agents with the ability to start and stop audio recording during the call, thereby adding unparalleled flexibility to an agent’s call control arsenal. Recording is fully controlled through the Agent Assistant and can be paused and resumed multiple times throughout the call, with each segment seamlessly joined together into one audio file. This ensures agents can capture important information for compliance purposes, whilst still adhering to PCI security standards.


Pic 1: View of Agent Assistant – Start Recording




Pic 2: View of Agent Assistant – Stop Recording





Backend Improvements

On top of the release of Start-Stop Recording, we have also been working quietly behind the scenes upgrading and strengthening the core platform to ensure stability and performance at any call volume. This is part of our commitment to continuing to provide a service you can trust and depend on to handle your most important communications.


In addition, we are also introducing customised reporting functionality to complement the standard ARTIC dashboard reports. These custom reports can be tailored to suit your requirements and can be sent to multiple recipients. We already have some existing templated reports available that may be of value to you. If you’d like to hear more, please reach out to us today.

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