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AutoGate Now Incorporates AVANSER’s Call Tracking Platform


Recently, AVANSER Call Tracking & Intelligence integrated with Autogate (CarSales) lending a major advantage to a dealership’s ability to track would-be car buyers.


The benefits of this integration include:

•    Understanding the complete path-to-purchase of car buyers
•    Reduce underperforming marketing activities
•    Determine the quality of those sales inquiries
•    Targeted call data to improve phone conversions, increased bookings and ultimately sales


What is AutoGate?

AutoGate is an online management platform that allows automotive related businesses to grow their online sales. AutoGate allows businesses to list, manage and also promote their products while getting data-feedback on product and team related performance which can be accessed 24/7 from mobile, tablet or desktop.


Two Platforms, One Powerful Solution.

Two platforms, better results – AVANSER’s integration with AutoGate Pro will finally close the loop on your customer tracking data.

As the only AutoGate Pro approved integration, this partnership combines the benefits of two specialised platforms, which means dealership stakeholders can now track the complete buyer cycle of the average car buyer, tracing a lead from the initial online engagement all the way through to the sales inquiry and beyond.


How the integration works

AVANSER assigns a unique tracking number to each marketing channel; this allows the accurate tracking of each online visitor to the dealership website.

When a call is made through any of these tracking numbers, the call data is captured by AVANSER and pushed into the AutoGate Pro system.

The following details are passed to AutoGate Pro along with a unique identifier (Dealer ID) of the dealer who took the call, including the vehicle type related to the inquiry (car, boat etc.)

Through your AutoGate Pro screen, stakeholders are able to view 3 types of data:


Call related details:

1. The caller’s number
2. Where the caller is located
3. Call duration
4. Call start/end times
5. Call date
6. Clickable link to the recording of the call (only available if the call was recorded)


Online marketing details:

7. Online marketing medium (paid ad, organic search or referral from another site etc.)
8. Online marketing campaign (which specific campaign delivered the call)
9. The landing and conversion pages of the user browsing on the Dealer website


Details needed from the clients:

10. AutoGate Pro’s username and password (needed to set the integration)
11. Dealer IDs (to help track Individual dealers)
12. (Individual) Answer-points for each dealer*
13. Details for marketing channels to be tracked

*An answer-point is the phone number that you ultimately wish to receive the call on. E.g. the unique tracking number pushes the call through to your personal number (answer-point).


These details, combined with any other existing transactional records on AutoGate Pro would enable the user to nurture that lead in the future.

Accurate Marketing Data is calling, ready to answer?