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AVANSER Becomes A Google Tech Partner

 width=We are happy to announce that AVANSER has been approved by Google to become a registered Google Analytics Technology Partner.

This means AVANSER has been recognised by Google as offering a solution which enhances the functionality of the Google Analytics platform making data more accessible, analysis more insightful, and processes more streamlined.

The Google Technology Partners program is a means for businesses to find solutions to enhance their use of Google Analytics. The program consists of the Technology Partners Gallery which is a list of all solutions providers approved by Google.

This integration means our clients can broaden the capabilities of Google Analytics and pull AVANSER’s call data into their reporting. AVANSER was also the first official DoubleClick call tracking partner for the Asia Pacific region. Being able to measure how many leads marketing campaigns are generating and what the Return on Investment (ROI) through call tracking attribution is extremely valuable and can enrich any business using digital marketing.

The Gallery is essentially a hub for all Technology Partners who provide ready-to-use applications that extend Google Analytics Solutions in new and exciting ways.

In addition to having a visible presence in the Partners Gallery, Google will provide promotional opportunities through a range of mediums such as blog posts, newsletter features and case studies.

CLICK HERE to see AVANSER’s listing in the Partners Gallery.

We would appreciate any positive feedback provided on our listing. Simply click “Leave a comment/rating” at the bottom of the page.

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