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AVANSER Case Study: Ruttley Plumbing



Michael Ruttley Ruttley Plumbing

Plumbing is a hyper-competitive industry where big players squeeze out the smaller guys but Michael Ruttley from Sydney-based Ruttley Plumbing is growing regardless. One of the key’s to his plumbing success is understanding the importance of numbers and genuinely caring about improving his efficiencies in order to get to every customer.



Michael’s primary goal was to understand whether or not he was converting inbound calls to booked appointments.

Although Michael could hear what his team was saying to callers he couldn’t hear the other side of the conversation.

“I was relying on my team telling me how many calls came through.” – Michael Ruttley, Ruttley Plumbing.

What the caller was saying was critical because they would use specific words to convey the urgency of the problem like “gas leak” or “blocked drain” which meant those calls needed to be escalated in terms of priority.

The office team were handling incoming calls, but because they weren’t trained plumbers they would miss the importance of these keywords resulting in unconverted bookings.

Michael also took on a call centre to manage after-hour calls.  Typically, calls that occur outside business hours are emergency’s so it’s important to be able to get to customers during these times.

The challenge with the call centre was a familiar one: they weren’t plumbers, this meant longer than usual call duration times which meant callers were on hold for longer which increased call abandonment rates.

“We didn’t realise how many calls were being missed” – Michael Ruttley, Ruttley Plumbing.



Even though call tracking was not a new concept to Michael, it was going to be an essential piece to understanding and improving how his team were handling calls.

After researching online and hearing about AVANSER through others, the choice was a simple one.

“If people are having success with something, why not copy it?” – Michael Ruttley, Ruttley Plumbing.

Michael was specifically interested in call recording because it would allow him to go back onto the call to see what went right, wrong while allowing his team to relay specific information back to the customer to show that they understood what the client needed.

Call Recording would also allow him to improve his incoming call scripts while training his team on what keywords to listen out for.



Michael was now able to gain visibility into key areas:

Call centre improvement
Thanks to the data received from his call recordings, Michael has recently updated his script to shorten the call duration and reduce hold times and if a caller does abandon the call (hang’s up) Michael’s team get an instant email notification allowing them to call that customer back.

“Abandoned calls were increasing. Without the system we wouldn’t have known. Now we get the email prompt right away.” – Michael Ruttley, Ruttley Plumbing.

10% Increase In Conversion Rates
Call recording has helped Michael imrpove the script for his office team to increase conversions.
Since using AVANSER, call-to-booking conversions have increased from 70% to 80% giving them a meaningful increase in revenue (an average booking is worth $1,200).

No missed calls
With AVANSER any missed calls are called back immediately giving them another chance to convert that caller into a booking.

Michael is a relatively new client of AVANSER but this new data is already helping him to improve his business in ways that would’ve otherwise been impossible to get.

Michael no longer has to rely on what others say, he relies on the data in front of him.

 “[Without AVANSER] We would have continued not knowing the numbers, what happened on the calls, whether they were missed, converted, what important words were being said, it’s a bit scary to think about.” – Michael Ruttley, Ruttley Plumbing

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