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AVANSER health check. Is your Online Tracking up to date?


With Call Tracking ever evolving, it is imperative to make sure you are up to date and that you perform an AVANSER health check on your website! Below are some simple steps you can follow to make sure you are utilizing AVANSER’s Online Call Tracking to its full potential!

Is the AVANSER script everywhere it needs to be?

Occasionally the AVANSER script is placed solely on the landing page of a client’s website, which is great if there is a strong call to action to encourage the customer to convert on this page. However, what happens if they click away onto the contact us page or a product page? Is the AVANSER script on these pages too?

If the tracking script is placed on all pages of your website not only will it ensure your AVANSER numbers are being utilised correctly, it will also allow AVANSER to capture the landing and conversion page for A/B testing as well as minimizing phone call leakage on site.

Want to test if your PPC numbers are switching correctly without clicking on an ad?

Once the AVANSER script is on your website you should be making some tests to make sure the numbers are switching correctly.

A great tool to use is Google’s URL Builder where you can create a test URL to make sure the numbers are switching correctly for your PPC or Display numbers.

The best approach is to use a ‘private’ or ‘incognito’ window so your testing isn’t effected by your pre-existing cookies.

Are your AVANSER calls integrated into your Google Analytics account?

It’s great that you are using the AVANSER reports in the Portal to see how calls are arriving into your business; but did you also know that the call data can feed directly into your Google Analytics or Universal Analytics account?

The call data can be pushed into Google Analytics as an Event and from here you can create a Goal to start manipulating the data into meaningful reports.

All call data is matched and pushed into your Google Analytics account in REAL TIME, giving you the power to optimise your keyword and campaign strategy as the calls flow in!

NOTE: AVANSER is not a third party cookie. Our script only reads Google Analytics cookies to determine where and how the user is interacting with your site in order to display the correct tracking number. Due to this, there is no discrepancy in data from what AVANSER pushes to what is displayed in your Google Analytics account.

By James O’Neill

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