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AVANSER introduces Virtual Mobile Numbers to their call tracking and analytics solutions

AVANSER, the leader in real-time call tracking and analytics, has just announced an exciting new technology solution, offering Virtual Mobile Numbers (VMN) to track and monitor marketing and staff effectiveness – all without the need of any SIM cards.

“Virtual Mobile Numbers offer the same flexibility of a traditional virtual tracking number with the personal feel of a mobile number,” says Richard Tan, Global Director of Sales at AVANSER. “Combine this with a centralised reporting platform for all calls to multiple sales staff, clients, vehicles, mobile branches and you now have a complete picture on inbound phone calls to your business.”

Allocating unique Virtual Mobile Numbers to staff enables businesses to retain and control their Intellectual Property as well as having the flexibility to transfer calls from past employees to current staff. Supporting both voice and SMS, they are device-agnostic with the ability to be routed to existing mobile numbers and landlines easily.

Virtual Mobile Numbers come with the added benefit of AVANSER’s full suite of business intelligence reports and solutions including Call RecordingInstant Missed Call Notifications, and Integration into CRM and 3rd party platforms.

“There has been some great feedback from our existing clients, especially in the Real Estate and Automotive verticals where personal mobile numbers are used across multiple directories and advertisements,” says Richard Tan. “Your personal number can now stay personal! Your Virtual Mobile Number can be used for your marketing efforts and seamlessly routed to your existing mobile phone along with a Call Whisper to prompt you which advertisement or directory the call is coming from.”


AVANSER is the leading call tracking technology company in the Asia Pacific. AVANSER’s call tracking and monitoring tools enable businesses to boost the performance of A/B Testing, Multipage and Multivariate Testing.

AVANSER’s real-time call tracking solution allows managers to take greater control over their business by tracking and monitoring inbound calls. This means that companies can easily evaluate the effectiveness and ROI of marketing campaigns, plus deliver real-time business intelligence on internal systems and processes.

By James O’Neill

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