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AVANSER is excited to announce Valerio Tesei as its new CIO

AVANSER is excited to announce Valerio Tesei as its new CIO.

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Valerio is the newly appointed CIO at AVANSER.  He joins the senior leadership team and the board as an executive member.


As CIO, Valerio will be responsible for the IT Strategy, Research and Development and overseeing the overall technological delivery of the company in Australia and overseas. He will ensure the company continues to bring cutting edge innovation leveraging AVANSER as a key player in the cloud-based telecommunication industry.


Valerio joined AVANSER as Technology Manager in 2012 responsible for System Integration as RDSLab SRL. He brings a wealth of experience to the role having  had a very impressive career within the technology industry. With over 15 years in the industry across 3 continents and 5 countries, he has gained experience in systems and software in both listed and private companies.


Announcing Valerio’s appointment, AVANSER CEO Rebecca Ryan commented:

“AVANSER is in an exciting growth period, and we have been looking for the right team member to drive our technology strategy. I have seen firsthand Valerio’s talents, I know he will be the key driver in continuing to move AVANSER forward.” 


Chief Storyteller Richard also spoke about the newly appointed CIO:

“With Valerio onboard the technological advancements at AVANSER have been outstanding. The board and I are pleased to have secured someone with such skill and capabilities for the CIO position. I am excited to see where Valerio will take our technological capabilities.”


Christopher Nonis comments: Valerio is a creative,dynamic individual, his capabilities and experience are invaluable to AVANSER.”


Farid Silwanis commented “As Valerio takes the reigns he will be focused on Strategy, development and operations for the business. Valerio has lead our technical team through many major breakthroughs within AVANSER. 


Valerio spoke about his new position: “I am honoured and excited to have secured the position of CIO. AVANSER has got very far, very fast, that’s what I like. This company is dynamic,  flexible and reactive – delivering high quality services to many Industries serving both Small, Medium and Enterprise businesses. AVANSER has proven to be a leader in the Call Tracking industry, I want to move forward on this position to build more intelligent services merging new technologies with market needs.”


About AVANSER: AVANSER is one of the Top Leading Technical Companies Headquartered in Australia serving local as well as Global companies since 2003. It provides its clients with invaluable Marketing Intelligence data by offering real time Call Tracking and Analytical tools empowering Businesses to make better decisions.


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