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AVANSER now Integrates Call Data with Microsoft Ads

For many years, Google has dominated the digital advertising market, maintaining over 40 percent market share for the last ten years. However, Google is no longer the only choice for businesses looking to capitalise on their advertising spend. Microsoft Ads (formally Bing) has been steadily growing in both customers and market share and now claims to own 36.2% of the desktop search market. Since fewer businesses are advertising on Microsoft Ads compared to Google, competition is less and therefore the CPC of high-ranking search terms is lower. Bing is the default search engine for Microsoft and Apple devices. This combination of factors has made Bing an increasingly attractive platform for businesses searching for more ROI.

The Team at Microsoft Ads (formally Bing) approached us at AVANSER and asked us to become the first Australian based Call Tracking Company to create an integration between call tracking data and the Microsoft Ads Platform.  At the same time, we have been receiving quite a few client requests for a Microsoft Ads integration as the market share of Microsoft Ads continues to grow


We’re happy to announce that we have just released the AVANSER integration with Microsoft Ads. We have developed this in partnership with the Microsoft Ads team, who have noted that we are the first call tracking provider in Australia to integrate with the Microsoft Ads platform.


“We are pleased to announce that AVANSER have completed an integration to the Microsoft Advertising platform API’s. Through this collaboration and for our mutual customers we can help provide key insights to help reduce ineffective marketing spend while improving overall ROI.” 

Paul Korber, Director of Partner Development AUNZ, Microsoft Advertising


How does the integration work?

AVANSER’s integration with Microsoft Ads attributes phone calls resulting from Bing Search ad clicks to the Campaign, Ad Group, Ad and Keyword that triggered the call. It reports each phone call as a conversion, providing valuable additional insight into the performance of your ads. Tracking the phone call conversions of each campaign is incredibly important to gauging the actual effectiveness of your marketing efforts, as clicks do not tell you whether the visitor actually contacted your business.

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