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AVANSER partners with Acquisio to optimise PPC campaigns based on phone calls.

AVANSER is pleased to announce our partnership with Acquisio and their call tracking program for agencies, resellers and channel partners!

When a phone call is initiated from an online channel, the AVANSER system is able to read Acquisio’s unique URL encoding (including matchtype, keyword, campaign content etc) and upload the call data straight into the Acquisio portal. Our clients are now able to optimise their campaign and keyword performance based on these phone calls through the use of Acquisio’s suite of reports.

Additional information such as: Call Count, Call Duration, Calls Answered and Calls Missed can be pushed into the Acquisio platform, as well as having the additional benefit of AVANSER’s Instant Missed Call Notifications and Call Recording features.

Maximise your ROI by including AVANSER call data in your online campaign reports. Your data, everywhere you need it!

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Acquisio Launches Call Tracking Program for Agencies, Resellers and Channel Partners

MONTREAL, Oct. 24, 2013  – Acquisio, the award-winning performance media platform and leading provider of technology for marketers and agencies buying ads on any online channel, today announced the launch of the Acquisio Call Tracking Program, a technology  partnership program designed to help SEM agencies, resellers and Channel Partners track, report and optimize their clients’ PPC campaign performance based on the phone calls that are generated through their preferred call tracking platforms.

The program relies on extensions which are designed to retrieve the call data for each campaign, ad group, keyword and ad very accurately, and bring it into the Acquisio platform where it can be used for optimization and reporting, among other things.

Optimizing PPC for Phone Calls
As more and more marketing services companies offer programs based on delivering phone calls to local SMBs, the need to bring together bid management and call tracking is more important than ever. By providing a solution that is designed to work seamlessly with any third party call tracking vendor, Acquisio can accommodate any agency with a solution that delivers superior performance for those clients who rely on phone calls to drive business results.

“In the US, over 60% of businesses consider phone calls their highest quality lead source, with some $70b spent on media and search to make the phone ring,” says Ross Fobian, CEO of ResponseTap. “By integrating our call tracking solution with the Acquisio platform, our clients are able to tell precisely what PPC campaigns are driving phone calls, enabling budgets to be spent more effectively.”

Case Study: Acquisio Bid and Budget Management (BBM) Increases Phone Calls by 24%, Cost Per Call Drops by 20%
An established ticket sales website with search spend exceeding $250,000/month decided to run a test with a sample of campaigns and a $20,000 monthly budget on Acquisio BBM. Optimization started on September 1st. BBM for call tracking generated a 24% increase in call volume, and lowered Cost per Call by 20%. But the optimization also generated better results for their online sales – Acquisio BBM yielded a 20% increase in Online Sales and an 18% decrease in Cost per Online Sale.

PR Call Tracking Image V2

An Open Platform

Keith Meagher, Director of Business Solutions at Acquisio said, “The difficulty marketers run into today is that success is measured by a variety of different technology products who don’t play well with each other, if at all.” However, marketers need to combine this data to optimize their campaigns and to report accurately on performance.

“Acquisio has created a proprietary method to exchange data with third party platforms in a secure, reliable and scalable way,” said Meagher. “This was the foundation for the Acquisio Call Tracking Program, and it also supports a significant number of other integrations with third parties such as CRM, ERP, Web Analytics, DSPs and Ad Servers.”

About Acquisio
Acquisio provides digital marketers with a performance media platform that enables them to optimize the results of their search, social, mobile, and display marketing programs with speed, accuracy, and efficiency, and with full control over every aspect of their online marketing initiatives.

With more than 4,000 users and 10,000 brands under its management, Acquisio is the multi-channel marketing solution preferred by agencies and marketers alike. Clients include WPP, Omnicom, IPG and Publicis; as well as performance media companies Bertelsmann, Cossette, iProspect, Isobar, NetBooster, PhD, and Yellow Pages Group.

By James O’Neill

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