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AVANSER X Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the fastest growing business app in Microsoft history, with 500,000+ companies using the platform.

Customer Trends & Partner Insights for adopting Microsoft Teams


Customers want to:

  • Improve business processes
  • Streamline operations
  • Create better user experiences
  • Achieve digital transformation initiatives
  • Increase profitability

Partner Insights:

  • Unified communications are in high demand
  • Non-traditional voice partners recognize Calling opportunity
  • Teams is the enabler for partner services
  • Adoption services are critical to delivering faster ROI


The AVANSER Proposition


Everything is on the AVANSER platform

With the AVANSER platform offering Direct Routing into Microsoft Teams, businesses don’t need a Session Border Controller (SBS), which makes getting onto the bandwagon much simpler and more cost-effective.

The AVANSER platform manages multiple SBC’s on the Azure cloud so that businesses don’t need that hassle and cost. It’s also distributed for redundancy purposes. To top it off, there are no monthly maintenance fees.

So, when you work with AVANSER, all you need is a Calling Plan and you’re ready to go. No hidden fees!


Cost-Effective Calling Plan

The AVANSER Calling Plan is charged at a flat rate and all calls are billed at your AVANSER SIP rate so you know what to expect. The AVANSER Calling Plan is simple and cost-effective for businesses and is priced based on channels required, rather than the number of users.

Unlimited calling per user sounds great until companies realise that they are paying for users who don’t make calls. That’s why AVANSER’s Teams Calling Plan is designed to charge based on how many simultaneous calls your business needs to make and receive.

A simple concept that makes the update cost significantly lower for businesses, large and small.