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Become an AVANSER Re-seller

Has your business considered being a re-seller of AVANSER’s Call Tracking Solutions?


Being a re-seller of AVANSER provides you with the tools to supply effective call tracking solutions to your clients. Ideal for any business that wants to:

  • Include call tracking as a value added service for their customers.
  • Drive phone calls and SMS to their customers, and demonstrate the effectiveness and ROI of those communications.
  • Add a new revenue stream into your business.
  • Manage the experience of your customers.
  • Own the billing relationship with the clients.


Here are some of the key benefits your business will gain:

Show your worth! In an ever increasing competitive environment Service Providers need to demonstrate the return on investment they are generating for their clients. Phone calls are a fantastic way to measure conversions.  

Fast solutions delivered accurately – AVANSER gives you easy to use tools so that you can get what you need, when you need it without having to wait in queues. Backed by our dedicated Support Services if your team needs assistance or customisation.

Emphasize your brand – Customers can quickly lose sight of the full benefit your service is providing. It’s important to remind them who generates their calls and makes their call tracking work.

Provide clients their complete data landscape – Resellers of AVANSER can use call tracking as a single piece of a larger solution for their clients. AVANSER tracking data integrates into 3rd party platforms, ensuring that your call data can have the biggest impact for you and your clients.


AVANSER Reseller Features:

White Labeling – AVANSER offers your business white labeling, with your branding.



AVANSER’s Call Analytics Portal – Visibility on each of your client’s calls.



3rd Party Integrations – To make sure you can get the most out of your call data, the re-seller solution comes complimentary with direct integrations into Google Analytics and Google Ads.


To make sure you can get the most out of your call data, the re-seller solution comes complimentary with direct integrations into Google Analytics and Google Ads.


Scribe – Call Transcription

AVANSER’s Scribe lets you transcribe your recorded calls and analyse conversations. Ideal for digital marketers looking to ensure they are bidding on the keywords being used by customers.

● Speech to text conversion in seconds

● Word Cloud creation for identifying conversational keywords

● Split channel recording for improved accuracy




In addition to our direct integrations, our API suite puts the full power of AVANSER in your hands.

● Get your data where you need in, when you need it, in the format you need it in.

● Build custom reports using AVANSER data.

● Allow your customers or staff to make tracked phone calls or send tracked SMS from within your own system.

● Provision tracking numbers and services through your own systems.

● Automate your reporting.


Create and manage your tracking numbers.

○ GEO Local

○ 1300

○ 1800

○ 13

○ Virtual Mobile Numbers


Create and manage dynamic codes to swap numbers on your client’s websites.

● Create and Manage your Analytics and Adwords integrations.

● Create and manage users for the AVANSER Portal.


Account Manager & Support Services

We want to empower you, not abandon you. Every AVANSER reseller gets an Account

Manager as their relationship manager at AVANSER, as well as access to our experienced support services team.


AVANSER prides itself on being a bespoke solution designed and built in

house. If you need anything that isn’t listed here simply let us know and see what we can do to make your call tracking fit your business.


AVANSER is one of the Top Leading Technical Companies Headquartered in Australia serving local as well as Global companies since 2003. It provides its clients with invaluable Marketing Intelligence data by offering real time Call Tracking and Analytical tools empowering Businesses to make better decisions.


For further information or to find out how AVANSER can grow your business,Visit: or call 1300 115 157 now!

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