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Call Recording: A Powerful Sales Tool

Call recording is not a new idea but is, in fact, an incredibly powerful intelligence tool that when used and actioned upon can impact your business in multiple ways.

Here are 6 areas where call recording can be used inside your business.


Businesses will often have a fixation on generating more leads in an attempt to increase sales when in fact, the first place to look at should be the existing sales process, that is, understanding how your team sells your solution.

Understanding common objections, questions, framing, offer presentation, competitive comparisons, closing etc. can help you construct a robust selling process.

Once you’re happy with the conversion rate, now is the time to drive up the lead flow.


Optimising the sales process should be a priority because it benefits a business in multiple ways, one of those benefits is a reduced customer acquisition cost.

Take your overall monthly marketing spend and divide it by your newly acquired customers, and you get an idea of how much a new customer costs.

By improving sales performance you can bring on more customers for the same marketing spend which lowers acquisition costs.


You just ran a campaign, what was the lead quality? Listening to those calls gives you insight into the performance of that campaign. There may have been a disconnect between message and offer or you may notice that people who came through that campaign tended to purchase more upsells, ask more questions, raise more objections, take longer to close etc.


The best place to pull marketing messages is from potential customers.

By listening to the words that your customers use, the outcomes they’re after and how they describe the problems they’re looking to overcome, you can assemble powerful marketing messages and offers.


Statistically speaking, the cost of acquiring a new customer costs five to ten times more than retaining an existing one. Not only that, but repeat customers spend, on average, 67% more.  If it’s going to cost that much to acquire a new customer let’s do everything we can to keep them. Call recording is great for customer service improvement which is perfect for keeping customers happy and engaged while elongating the customer life-cycle.


If you’re outsourcing your sales or customer service process to another company, for example, a call centre, then call recording is essential without which, lead costs and acquisition cost can balloon.

Call recording allows you to spot areas of improvement and provide better scripting and relevant training.

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