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Call Tracking and SEO – what you need to know.


Our Clients ask us a lot about Call Tracking and SEO.  There are myths out there, but is Call Tracking bad for SEO?

We have seen articles out in the market saying that Call Tracking is bad for SEO.  These statements are designed to get clicks and they create some dramatic confusion in the process.  Let us help dispel the myths…


Could Call Tracking hurt SEO?  Yes, when done wrong!

Call Tracking when done with a lack of technical understanding of SEO and Websites can create problems.  If your tracking numbers get scraped by Google it can conflict with your NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number).  NAP is important in SEO as Google takes this information into account when choosing which websites display in searches where people are looking for specific local businesses.  Google looks for consistency in NAP, therefore having the same phone number on your website as other listings is important to Google. If Google sees a tracking number hard coded into your website  that is different to the number being used elsewhere on the web, it creates inconsistencies and is viewed unfavourably in the SEO ranking.



How to get it Right…

Used correctly, call tracking will not hurt SEO efforts. When using Tracking Numbers on your website is it important not to hard code the number.  You need to utilise technology called Dynamic Phone Number Insertion, or DNI for short. Dynamic Phone Number Insertion allows your website to display a different number based on the origin of the visitor.  Doing this Dynamically not only gives a great user experience, the technology provides valuable and precise insight to where your leads are really coming from, and it is the method that is approved for SEO.  Google understands what you are doing by using Dynamic Code and it won’t scrape the number for your NAP.

If you are interested in the complete picture, your main phone number can still be a tracking number. It just needs to be consistently displayed across directories and other online locations, and Tracking Numbers that are being used to gain insight into the effectiveness of on and offline campaigns need to be set up with care and expertise. Businesses that use Dynamic Phone Number Insertion on their website correctly, do have more control over their visitor experience and will not hinder their SEO efforts.

AVANSER has multiple Dynamic Phone Number Insertion Solutions suitable for a range of different styles of websites and levels of complexity. We can work with your team or do the set up for you.  We have technical expertise to ensure that your Call Tracking is in harmony with all your marketing efforts.


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