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Call Tracking Basics

Within an increasing competitive economic environment the focus on campaign optimisation and realising a more accurate ROI (Return On Investment) from your marketing activity, has never been more acute.

Call tracking is a hugely valuable piece of this puzzle and one that is largely underutilised. So for our first blog post we wanted to address the basics and introduce you to call tracking in its simplest form.

What is Call Tracking?
In simple terms, call tracking is the ability to trace phone calls back to the person who initiated the call, as well as the relevant advertising channel that prompted this call.

How does it work?
Call tracking works by assigning unique virtual tracking numbers to different advertising sources. Within a traditional media mix this would allow you to identify which medium (TV, Press, Outdoor, Radio etc.) generated a call. Take call tracking online and you can identify calls by campaign, source, medium, conversion page and even back to a keyword level.

Why use Call Tracking?
Call tracking gives you greater marketing transparency and allows you to optimise your marketing activities, by providing reliable, relevant and actionable information on which advertising sources are generating phone leads into your business.

Call tracking is not a Silver bullet; however the phone call is a valuable path to conversion. Understanding how and where calls are generated and having the ability to optimise campaigns based on that information, not only improves the accuracy of your ROI calculations but it can significantly increase the ROI and ultimately help you grow your business.

By Simon Pereira


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