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How can call tracking give agencies a competitive advantage?

How can call tracking give agencies a competitive advantage?

With the rise of digital platforms and sophistication of online competition, companies are now looking to agencies to provide them with the tools to participate and deliver complex and successful marketing strategies.
More than ever agencies not only need to show tangible results to clients, but need to ensure they are performing in this highly competitive market. Call tracking has evolved significantly to move with this shift. Today leading call tracking providers are offering sophisticated call intelligence platforms where an agency can track the entire call journey from keyword to offline conversion and beyond. Here is how call tracking provides agencies with the tools to deliver fantastic marketing campaigns.


1: Boost your PPC Strategy 


Call data can now be integrated directly into Google AdWords, enabling agencies to see exactly what keywords are making the phone ring. This information makes it much easier to optimise PPC campaigns and enables more efficiency and accuracy on bid spend. Agencies can increase bid spend on activity that is generating leads and decrease spend on keywords that are not so successful.


2: Lead Attribution Tracking


Which marketing channels are successfully driving inbound sales calls to your client’s business? Of those channels, which are driving the best quality leads and the highest ROI for your client?

Lead Attribution is an incredibly valuable tool for agencies because it allows them to prove the lead’s origin which demonstrates that the marketing campaigns are in fact working. It allows the agency to continuously refine and optimise their campaign results thanks to the granular data reporting that call tracking provides.


3: You can’t improve what you can’t see


Online analytics platforms offer a good picture of what’s happening with clicks, conversions, impressions, sign-ups, goal tracking etc. but when it comes to the inbound phone call it goes blind.

This blind spot can cause issues for agencies especially if the goal is to drive more inbound sales calls. Call tracking data lifts the veil and allows you to have a direct line of sight from your campaign and how it flows into the sales lead.

Being able to improve bid management and drive effective cost-per-click and cost-per-lead enables you to create a better return on investment for your clients.


4: Service value-add

While adding call tracking as a part of your overall solution will mean having a higher price point than your competitors, it offers greater accountability which is an incredibly strong value proposition.

For example, AVANSER works with an agency that will not work with a client unless they take call tracking because the data provided is that critical to developing successful campaigns which in turn helps with client retention and backend growth.


5: Uncover hidden opportunities

Sometimes your client may think a campaign was a disaster when the opposite could be true. You may be generating leads but the team could be missing a good portion of those calls; based on our own call data, on average 17% of calls are missed. The team may be accidentally mishandling those calls – there may be a lack of product knowledge, or sales development could be needed. With call tracking, you can show proof of what’s going on and advise on additional support. Call tracking reaches far beyond “where did my call come from?” and savvy agencies can now help businesses influence the entire call eco-system.


AVANSER moves beyond basic call tracking and offers a complete call intelligence solution to help deliver marketing agencies powerful data to optimise marketing campaigns and improve sales leads and conversions.  Call 1300 106 513 to discuss your call tracking options.


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