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Changes to Dynamic numbers

AVANSER Dynamic Numbers – Simpler than Ever!

Our dynamic number solution is the most detailed and robust on the market.

We asked you what you thought, and you told us that whilst our technology is flexible and is the most accurate version of dynamic number insertion available, it is difficult to install.


We listened and made some changes.
We now have 2 versions of Dynamic Number Code. We have kept our best in class technology in both versions, but have made the new version much easier to install on your or your clients’ websites. Here are some of the key features in our new version that will make it easier for you to use:


  1. We have condensed Dynamic Number installation into a single step – A simple copy-paste straight into Google Tag Manager, eliminating the need for expensive web developers.
  2. Testing and troubleshooting User Guide – Make changes whenever you want with our how-to’s and user guides.
  3. Training videos – We have introduced a series of training videos to help you along the way and assist with your provisioning tools.
  4. Direct Google AdWords integration – You can now put your data straight into Google AdWords with our integration. No need to pass through Google Analytics!

*The original version is still supported and is as solid as ever.  It is perfect if you still need the detailed features for those usual and hard to manage websites.


To find out more about AVANSER’s Dynamic Numbers, how to change to the new version, how to access the tools mentioned above or to book a demo – Get in touch with our sales team today!

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