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How will your call centre benefit from moving over to the cloud?

Thousands of business are recognising the value of moving over to a cloud-based call centre, as it offers significant benefits to businesses and customer alike. As a result the industry is growing fast and it is estimated that the Cloud-based call centre industry will be worth over US$ 15.67 billion by 2021, the market size is expected to grow from US$ 5.43 Billion in 2017 at a growth rate of over 23% per year (SOURCE: Markets and Markets, 2017.)


Moving to a cloud-based call centre gives your organisation greater flexibility, is more cost effective and is scalable to any business. But, how do you know if the cloud-based solution is for your organisation? And what are the immediate benefits your organisation can expect from moving over?


We drilled down to see what organisations are most suited to moving over to the cloud-based call centre and some reasons why business are moving over:


Cloud-based Call Centres are ideal for:


• Small to Medium Business – Gives smaller companies affordable access to sophisticated call queuing and many other features.

• Multisite Offices – A cloud-based call centre solution lets multi-site businesses and satellite staff feel more connected than ever.

• Large Businesses and Call Centres – A cloud-based call centre allows larger businesses and call centres remove their reliance on large, costly, hard to maintain hardware and software.

• Outbound Call Centres – Incoming calls from clients are important, but sometimes a business needs to hunt and drum down customers. AVANSER’s cloud-based call centre makes it easy to ensure you are getting the most from your outbound teams.


Here are some good reasons why your organisation should move over to a cloud based call centre: 


  1. Cost Effective  – Cost remains one of the key reasons why organisations are making the shift. By moving over to the cloud you will have no hardware or software costs and the need for expensive IT installation just a simple monthly per user subscription fee.
  2. Flexible and Scalable –  Cloud-based call centres can be used remotely or anywhere in the world, it can be scaled to fit your business so if you have one agent or a multi national team.
  3. Ease of deployment – You no longer have to wait for technicians to set up costly hardware systems.  You can set up a cloud-based call centre in a very short time frame. The AVANSER  Online portals allow you to update and manage your settings and determine your queue setups.
  4. Gather business intelligence – You can gather information and use the cloud based call centre to attribute you calls to the correct marketing source
  5. Improve the customer experience – With the cloud agents can focus on the customer not the systems, with an easy to use interface & agent assistant. It can create overflow scenarios to make sure your customer always gets help. With the call recording feature you can listen to the calls for quality control and ensure agents having the correct training and development and identify and issues that may arise.
  6. Real-time statistics –  Know the activity in your call centre with real time up to date information, viewable in the AVANSER portal.

Want to know more about AVANSER’S Cloud-based call centre? Take a look at our product page

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