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Remote working is here to stay

Get remote ready now to secure your future. 


Today companies are redefining the ‘at work’ status as Australians embrace remote working entirely. Studies found that the majority of Australians prefer the flexibility and option of remote working, 40% had changed their minds about working from home since the Covid-19 crisis began, and 81% of those surveyed thought employees should be allowed to work from home, even after the crisis has eased and physical distancing measures are no longer necessary.


Source: The Guardian


According to Andrew Pike, Australian executive partner at Herbert Smith Freehills (HSF), “Historically, there was a view that remote working wasn’t appropriate for law firms and the sector was somewhat fixated on presenteeism and ‘being seen’. The pandemic has put paid to that,”. His law firm found its employees largely enjoyed the work-from-home benefits, which improved their outputs. (source: The Guardian). Many companies also found that implementation of cloud-based softwares enables employees to work from anywhere, removing long commutes to work and evolving the conventional 9-5 routines, and have the same view that remote working helps in boosting productivity and culture, whilst greatly contributing to cost optimisation measures amid the economic turmoil.


Companies who have not transitioned their workforce to offer remote working conditions will struggle in the new business world and will certainly lose talented workers to companies that have evolved.  AVANSER technology enables people to seamlessly work from anywhere, wherever a high-speed internet connection exists.


 Many companies are upgrading to Cloud-based phone systems that are inexpensive vs. traditional PBX systems. Not only does it cost a fraction of the traditional PBX systems to maintain, it is scalable and opens up more innovation to incorporate smart technology and features. You can set up a full call centre style operation with your staff located anywhere, so simply manage your in and outbound calls through one system with flexibility and insight.


AVANSER also provides secured and reliable SIP connections, unlimited high-speed business internet and SIP-ready phone systems that will allow companies to transition to a remote working environment with ease. SIP is a technology that enables phone calls via the internet vs. traditional phone lines. SIP allows you to make calls through any device, whether it’s mobile, tablet, laptop or your usual desk phone. SIP connection is perfect for organisations that have remote workers or companies where your team can use their own devices. 


Apart from cost savings, SIP connections also enable companies to:

  • Eliminate the need for a fixed answerpoint – With SIP your AVANSER line can become the answerpoint, saving you time and money. It also allows you to easily change your answerpoint in short notice when there is a need for it.
  • Speed up connection times – AVANSER can pass calls to SIP extensions rapidly. Every second counts when avoiding abandoned calls, SIP lets you minimise the time your clients or colleagues spend waiting.
  • Limit the amount of tracking numbers needed – A single tracking number can have as many extensions as needed.


The best part with using AVANSER SIP is that you can have the option to bundle it together with AVANSER’s unlimited high-speed business internet, SIP-ready phone systems as well as the full suite of AVANSER’s call handling solution and analytics in one bill. Not only will this greatly help your company save cost, it also provides a single point of contact for all your telco needs with unprecedented insight into your call analytics.   


It is important that companies invest in the right solutions to ensure optimal business continuity in the current changing environment. Utilising the right combination of tools can ease your organisation’s workflow and provide a great customer experience for your clients even from the comfort of working remotely from home.

Find out more about AVANSER’s plethora of end-to-end solutions and what it can do for your business today.

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