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A Guide to Dynamic Numbers.

A Guide to Dynamic Numbers


Dynamic numbers are an essential part of any organisations marketing strategy as they help eliminate blind spots between online and offline marketing activity. Here at AVANSER we have been developing our dynamic numbers and have the most detailed and comprehensive solutions in the market, however sometimes it can be a little overwhelming to decide which type of dynamic numbers are right for you.


We have put together a guide to the different levels of dynamic numbers that we offer and how they can help your marketing campaigns and increase your ROI.


What are dynamic numbers and how can my business benefit?

Dynamic numbers give you actionable insights to help eliminate wasted advertising revenue and generate better quality sales leads to increase your ROI.


The phone number changes on your website depending on the lead source of the visitor, allowing your business to accurately track how a lead got your phone number, combining offline call activity with online data.


When your customers reach for the phone, online analytics is blind to offline action. Placing AVANSER’s dynamic insertion script onto your website allows you to capture the offline calls made by your clients and add them to the rich online data you acquired during their visit to your site, eliminating that blind spot.



Levels of Tracking:


STEP 1: Medium Level Tracking  


This is a great first step into dynamic numbers as it gives you an understanding of which medium is generating the most leads. Whether it is paid search, SEO, referral or display. You can achieve this with minimal numbers required.


STEP 2: Campaign Level Tracking


Once you have identified which mediums are the most successful, it’s time to start campaign level tracking. This is the most popular option, giving you the wealth of detail without being too overwhelmed. Campaign level tracking can help optimise successful marketing campaign to maximise return on investment. This level of tracking lets you know exactly which campaigns are generating the most leads, and which are not getting your customers through the door.


STEP 3: Session Level Tracking


Do you need to follow the complete customer journey? AVANSER’s dynamic insertion script can swap in unique numbers not just for the medium or campaign, but for each visitor on site. This gives you the ability to look through the customer journey and see exactly what is driving their business. Not only does this give you valuable data on the campaigns and insights into the customer journey, it allows you to evaluate your pipeline and really understand what made them your customer, enabling you to adapt your marketing and advertising efforts effectively.


STEP 4: Mix and Match Tracking


Don’t settle for just one solution. Do you have a special campaign that you would like to single out? Want to see the customer journey just for your paid search? AVANSER’s dynamic insertion script can accommodate any combination of solutions to suit your needs.


AVANSER moves beyond basic call tracking and offers a complete call intelligence solution to help deliver data to optimise marketing campaigns and improve sales leads and conversions. Get in touch with your Account Manager today to talk about our dynamic number solutions.  


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