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Franchising and Call Tracking: If you are doing one, You should be doing the other

franchiseThe goal of any business owner is to increase the value of their business. As a Franchisor, this is achieved by granting franchisees the right to use your business model, thus allowing you to expand your presence in the market. As your market reach expands/grows, so does the value of your franchise and the master brand.

As the franchise grows so too does the pressure to grow marketing returns and deliver business into your franchise network. As a business owner, you will need to identify which of your traditional and online marketing channels are generating leads, and allocate the budget accordingly.  After all, you are now responsible for not just yourself but all the Franchisees who have come on board and ‘putting $$$ into the marketing/advertising budget’.

Marketing Intelligence

For franchise groups that rely heavily on the phone to generate business and distribute leads, identifying which marketing initiatives – including local search – are making the phones ring is often difficult. Without this data, they are not able to optimize their campaigns to the key conversion metric.

This is where call tracking comes in. Call tracking is the ideal tool for both the Franchisor and Franchisees to gain greater insights into how leads are being generated, distributed and handled within their business. Giving them the power to manage campaigns, optimise keyword bids, improve landing page content and generally drive marketing ROI to generate more of the phone leads that bring value.

Call Handling

In addition, Franchisors gain a greater understanding and control of how inbound calls are routed and managed into their business. Call tracking gives you the confidence that calls are not only being generated but also being directed into the franchise network correctly and then handled appropriately to maximise the value of every lead. Providing accountability to both parties (franchisee and franchisor) by identifying who is calling, when and from where they are calling who is answering, and most importantly how well they are dealing with calls.

Training and Quality Control

Having the phones ringing off the hook is of little benefit if there is no one answering those sales calls or staff are not adhering to company standards once the call is taken. Therefore, it is important to have a system that allows you to monitor and review call quality. Cloud based call tracking technology allows you to record, store and evaluate calls from anywhere in the world at the click of button.

With the correct training and quality assurance programs in place this can significantly improve lead conversion for the franchisee as well as ensure consistency across the network for the franchisor.

The Upshot

Combining improved marketing intelligence with improved control over the distributing and handling of leads into a franchise network gives both parties the ability to make informed decisions. Driving increased leads, improved conversion rate and ultimately growing the business which will of course increase market value and delivering a win-win for everyone.

By Deane Adams


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