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How to use AVANSER for call quality control


If your business relies on the telephone to find and convert customers, you already understand the importance of establishing quality leads and conversion methods. But do you have techniques in place to achieve optimum call quality control? If not, you could be losing customers!
Here at AVANSER, we have been helping companies achieve call quality control with some simple and effective solutions. Call recording is one of the easiest solutions to implement, yet the results are comparable with more complicated and expensive software.

Call Recording

Even if you have used call recording before, you’ll find AVANSER’s call recording technologies a breath of fresh air. As a fully hosted service, there is no hardware or software to install, so you don’t have to wait around for a serviceman to visit your office.
You can listen to the calls without any pressure on your team, and can then determine what is working and what isn’t. This allows you to improve the overall quality by further training if necessary, or utilising skills that are already in place.
There are plenty of features as standard, including the capability to switch it on and off on a monthly basis. Your recordings will instantly be saved for 3 months, and when they are accessed, they will be time stamped and logged. Of course, restricted user access is also included, and there are many optional features you can tap into depending on your usage.

Call Centre Management

Here at AVANSER, we can also help you improve your call quality control by introducing you to call centre management systems. We’ll show you how to utilise ARTIC, a cloud based solution that will help improve your customer experience, whilst optimising your conversion rate.
There are other benefits as well, which all add up to improved quality control. These include the ability to gather marketing intelligence, integrate data into CRM systems, account for agent times and scale for peak periods of calls while reducing call abandonment.


Dynamic Routing

The icing on the cake to help your call quality control is dynamic routing. If you use the AVANSER platform, you can direct your calls to a single point or any number of pre-determined points. Which method you decide on depends on your own individual needs and preferences, giving you a fully customisable solution.
The system is totally flexible, and has a range or extensions to offer you full control, whilst improving your quality control of your calls. You know your calls will be going to the right person, at the right time, with no fuss. You decide who is the best person for each type of call, and set it up accordingly. This will give you improved performance.

Controlling the quality of your calls is all important if you want to improve your performance. By using AVANSER’s platform you can record, manage and route. It’ easy to set up and easy to use. Why not take a look for yourself and book a free demonstration?

By Simon Pereira

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