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How to use Call Tracking for a more complete attribution model

You’ve probably got multiple advertising campaigns going on at once for your product or service. Of course, this is the sensible option, as it is rare a customer will convert from that first click. They need to be exposed to your company on numerous occasions in order to build a relationship with your brand and trust in your products or services.

Within the buying process, your customer will more than likely visit several different touch points, such as email or AdWords campaign, offline advertising, or via direct traffic to your company website.

Knowing the pattern from first contact to last interaction will allow your company to more effectively detail your attribution model. However, let’s backtrack a moment and explain what an attribution model is, just in case you are new to this form of analytics.

In broad terms, attribution is all about knowing a certain set of actions and giving each of them a specific value. Within marketing, this helps us to understand which action brought about the conversion to sale.


By looking back at previously mentioned touch points, or actions, you can set an attribution model relating touch point to conversion. There are many different models. For example, Last Interaction (also known as Last Click Attribution) gives 100% of the credit for the conversion to the last part of the pathway, whereas First Interaction (also known as First Click Attribution) gives 100% to the first port of call. Then you have Multi-Channel Attribution where every step is taken into account.

Knowing where these leads, and eventually converted customers, come from is crucial to be able to set an attributed model. Most analytics allow for easy monitoring of click campaigns, but to be able to track all your campaigns, both online and offline, you need to employ a system such as Call Whispering from AVANSER.

AVANSER Call Whispering is an automated announcement that tells the receiver which of your ad campaigns led to the call or conversion. Let’s say you have a Facebook ad, a newspaper ad and AdWords set up. Call Whispering will tell you which source generated each individual call.

It’s a particularly good system if your business has multiple brands and products as it helps identify the intended destination, in addition to prompting any pre-set call handling criteria. It also helps determine what attribution model to use if you have the ability to track the source of each call.

Your business attribution model will also benefit if you use Dynamic Routing. With this system in place, you can decide which department or employee will receive incoming calls. If you use your attribution model effectively, you will be able to direct calls accordingly, to ensure that the customer is quickly connected to the best possible team member, thereby minimising customer frustration and maximising efficiency for both company and customer.

Call tracking goes hand in hand with an effective attribution model and allows you to pitch your advertising more efficiently by monitoring trends, conversations and the advertising source of calls. With AVANSER’s fully hosted call tracking, there is no hardware or software to download. As our system can be accessed from anywhere you can track calls even when you are not in the office.

Get the most out of your advertising campaigns and combine call tracking with your attribution model for an efficient and straightforward solution. Why not book a live demonstration with AVANSER to find out more today?

By James O’Neill


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