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How you can use AVANSER to manage the quality of your leads

Phone Leads

Any business lead is great, right? The answer here is both yes and no.

Yes, a lead is potential business, but it can also be potentially time wasting. Trying to convert a lead that has absolutely no intention of converting can not only use up valuable time, but can also waste resources.

Quality leads, on the other hand, are prospects that are genuinely interested in what you do. The likelihood of conversion to a sale is higher with quality leads, which saves your business precious time. Quality leads are more effective and efficient at bringing in business.

So wouldn’t it be great to know where these quality leads are coming from? Chances are, you have several different marketing and advertising channels, generating leads. If you knew which ones were giving the best leads, you could concentrate your time and money into those.

Luckily there are solutions in place to help you track your advertising campaigns and calls, giving you all the answers you need. Here at AVANSER, we have helped hundreds of companies manage the quality of their leads with effective tracking systems.

Business Management

Although your sales team are the backbone of your business, sometime they need a helping hand. With AVANSER’s real-time reporting of all the calls into your business, you will never miss another sales lead. You can evaluate how your team handles these leads and even assign an exact outcome to a call (for example: Converted Sale $100) thereby helping you determine the effectiveness of your sales pitch and individual sale agents.

You can also measure what the conversion rate of leads to sales by marketing channel is, and see which of your direct response campaigns is working most effectively. This allows you to invest extra money where it works, and control how these leads are distributed.

Call Recording

To manage quality leads further, consider call recording. Not only does it allow you to take control of your business, it can improve your lead conversion and customer retention.

AVANSER’s call recording can help you keep an eye on your team, without the need for mystery shoppers. It also allows you to aid your staff’s techniques, and listen to caller feedback on your advertisements so you can determine how many qualified versus unqualified leads you are generating from that campaign.

Marketing Management

Call tracking provides actionable real-time data that you can use to optimize campaigns. Integration with 3rd party analytic and campaign management platforms, such as Google Analytics, means you can streamline your conversion data into a centralised reporting platform and achieve a more accurate attribution model

Quality and Quantity

You’ll hear marketing gurus tell you that it’s all in the numbers. Get 10 leads and convert 1. All you need to do is keep chugging out the leads and the sales will come. This is true, but only to an extent.
How much better would it be to have both quantity and quality? With this recipe you will double, or even triple, your conversion.

By implementing call tracking solutions from AVANSER and optimising to both quality and quantity, you can see the results for yourself.

To find out how call tracking can help improve your lead quality book your Free Demonstration.

By Simon Pereira

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