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Get Credit For Every Sales Call You Generate

Recently, AVANSER released a new solution called Inbound Lead Notifier that would help marketing agencies and lead generation services deliver more value to their clients.

What is Inbound Lead Notifier (ILN)?

ILN was designed to help marketing agencies and lead generation services automatically report to a client every time a sales lead comes in while also allowing the client to see how that lead was handled by their team – which an area that clients are not able to easily achieve, yet is incredibly valuable.

How Does It Work?

Imagine your client receiving an email message letting them know that your company has just sent them a brand new lead, and not only that but the client is given the option to listen in on how their team handled that lead.

ILN offers your client the chance to experience a seamless flow from marketing to sales.

ILN Is Highly Customisable.

Customise ILN with special trigger events.

ILN sends email notifications based on numerous trigger events which means ILN will only send a notification if specific criteria are met, for example, if your client knows that a quality sales call typically lasts around 3 minutes, you may then set up a call duration trigger event which tells ILN to only send your client a notification if that 3 minute threshold is met.

There are a number of triggers that are available making ILN highly adaptable.


  • Weekly or monthly reports are good, but nothing beats an inbox filled with leads your company generated.
  • Business owners place a high value on sales calls so it gives you another way to demonstrate your value.
  • Lead-to-sales visibility. Clients will be able to see how your leads are being handled by their team.
  • Works with digital and traditional marketing mediums.
  • Fully automated system, no additional software required.
  • Your client will be able to receive notifications and listen to sales recordings from their mobile – no need to log into the portal.


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