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AVANSER’s online integration allows call data to be reported into Klipfolio. Calls resulting from a visit to a tracked website will appear directly within the dashboard. AVANSER’s integration can be customised to include additional key information about the call, ready for reporting (contact us for a full list of data). Calls pushed into Klipfolio can also be selectively filtered, allowing the exclusion of calls that are not deemed relevant. The advantage of the AVANSER integration is having call data displayed alongside any other data sources, centralising all the data within the dashboard.



Once a connection to AVANSER is made within Klipfolio, AVANSER automatically pushes call data as a Data Set into the dashboard. What data is pulled and how often can be customised in Klipfolio using queries. The results of the data queries are temporarily stored in the Klipfolio Library until it’s time for that data to be refreshed. The data is sorted using tags which can be customised and Data Sets can be transformed by combining and manipulating them with Excel-like formulas and maths functions.


Contact us for more information on how this integration can help your business.