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AVANSER has 2 levels of integration with the World’s Leading CRM, Salesforce.


AVANSER’s new Salesforce App integration brings the power of call tracking to your CRM. Calls and SMS messages are logged in Salesforce and linked to existing Leads, Accounts, Contacts and Users, allowing you to see exactly who is calling your business. With the ability to call and SMS directly from within Salesforce using AVANSER’s Dialer and SMS interfaces, AVANSER has made it easier than ever to work entirely out of the CRM.



The AVANSER App integration can be downloaded directly from the Salesforce AppExchange. Once installed and activated by AVANSER, calls and SMS will start appearing in Salesforce in custom objects installed by the app, named “AVANSER Calls” and “AVANSER SMS” respectively. Within each call record, details of the call can be found, such as Calling Number, Duration, Web Campaign and more. Below the call details, objects that have been linked to that call are displayed. Likewise, SMS records show the details of the SMS and the related objects. Calls are matched to objects by the phone number and the advanced matching algorithm caters for multiple number formats, ensuring as long as the number is the same, it will link to the correct Salesforce object.


The AVANSER Dialer has also been included, allowing calling and SMS messaging from within Salesforce. SMS conversations can also be viewed and quickly replied to, negating the need to manually check the phone. AVANSER also understands convenience is king, and with this in mind the app provides a “Quick Call” button below each standard phone number field in Salesforce objects, allowing those clients to be called instantly with a single click.


To find out more, please visit the AVANSER Salesforce App integration page on the Salesforce AppExchange:


AVANSER’s online integration allows call data to be reported into Salesforce so that call records can be used to create entries for current or potential customers. The call details are entered as Tasks within Salesforce which are then linked to existing Accounts. The advantages of this is it not only reduces the manual task of creating new entries for each call within Salesforce, but also includes valuable extra data recorded by AVANSER that is then inserted into the customer entry depending on pre-defined fields.



When a customer makes a call to an AVANSER tracking number, AVANSER captures the details of the call. These details are then automatically sent to Salesforce where a new call record is created as a Task. The call data is entered into a set of custom fields which are automatically created in Salesforce according to the AVANSER data. The AVANSER system then checks the calling number against the Accounts database within Salesforce and links the Task to any existing Accounts from that calling number. Any Tasks which cannot be linked to an existing Account are linked to a pre-set default Account instead, allowing easy viewing of the unmatched calls. A custom report can then be generated to view the Tasks and manually assign them for follow-up.


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