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AVANSER’s new Xplan integration empowers firms operating in the financial industry with automated file noting, combining phone call and transcription data. Any phone call received to an AVANSER tracking number will be within minutes created as a file note document under the client’s record in Xplan, matched to the contact who made the call.

The main benefits of the integration are:

  • Automates the critical but usually tedious manual process of file noting, saving time and resources.
  • Enforces a standard file note format across the board, increasing accuracy and quality of stored information.
  • Centralises data, therefore minimising the need to manually check multiple platforms.



AVANSER provides a special virtual phone number for tracking purposes, which is indistinguishable from a regular number. When a caller dials one of these numbers AVANSER logs the details of the call and records the audio. When the call is finished, AVANSER automatically transcribes the recording and scans the Xplan account, searching for a matching client record. If a client is found, within minutes of the call finishing a file note is created in Xplan, attributed the call to the client. The file note is populated with both the details of the call and the transcribed recording conversation, with the call recording file attached.

Contact us for more information on how this integration can help your business.