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Is your phone number part of your brand?

Special guest post by Gary Nissim @ indago digital.

Agency partners represent such an important part of our business, having an intimate knowledge of and control over a clients marketing, they are in the best position to leverage the call data we provide and ultimately deliver the best possible value to the client from their call tracking solution.

In this guest blog post from indago digital, Gary Nissim looks at the impact of your phone number on your brand and the ability of your customers to recall even premium numbers with some surprising results.

Is your phone number part of your brand?

At indago digital we love call tracking. If you’re driving any form of call volume via your digital assets and are not tracking it you’re making a mistake, especially if it’s via an AdWords campaign as Google provide free call tracking. The main catch is that it’s only for paid AdWords traffic but it’s a good starting point. That being said the paid solutions are cost effective, well established, easy to implement but most importantly help increase the overall return of your campaigns.

Too often when we discuss the technology with enterprise clients we get the following response – “Our phone number is part of our brand that our customers remember.” This has always perplexed us but we’ve never had any data on the subject either way. Therefore there was only one thing for it – jump onto AirTasker and find someone to conduct a vox pop on our behalf. Anna took to the streets of North Sydney surveying 100 respondents asking them a number of questions focusing on the providers they use for; car insurance, home internet and mobile phone.

Of the 100 respondents we achieved a pretty even spread with 55% being female and 45% male. 47% were 18 to 30 years old, 40% 31 to 50 and 13% 51 and over. Only 5% of respondents remembered their car insurance providers phone number correctly, 1% their home internet and 3% their mobile phone’s number.

Car Insurance – NRMA and AAMI were the two most sited providers at 39% and 27% respectively. In fact NRMA’s number was the best remembered with 14% of their surveyed customers remembering it. The shame is that 50% of those customers remember it due to continuously calling to complain. The only other brand where a customer remembered their phone number correctly was Suncorp.

Home Internet – Telstra and TPG were the most sited providers at 27% and 20% respectively and both had one customer each who remembered their phone number so 5% and 4% respectively. Both of these customers remembered the number due to continuously calling to complain

Mobile Phone – Not surprisingly the top three mentioned providers were Telstra (37%), Optus (24%) and Vodafone (23%) with each scoring one customer who remembered their number and all due to advertising. Great work to those companies.

None of these results are a surprise but we decided to ask one question as a last minute addition and I think it’s the most interesting. When asked their preferred method of contacting their service providers the phone still came out on top at 66%.

Call – 66%
Fill in an online form – 15%
E-mail – 7%
Online chat – 7%
See someone in person – 4%
Use an app – 1%

Originally posted on Indago digital by Gary Nissim


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