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Keyword Level Call Tracking for PPC – Not Dead!

googleGoogle has just announced a secure search update that will see the search query removed from the referrer on ad clicks originating from signed-in search on Google. There has been a lot of talk about how this will impact 3rd party technology partners, like AVANSER, that are using this data in their reporting.

As scary as this may sound, it isn’t all bad for keyword level call tracking – and only a small hurdle for our clients.

Back to the future:

When AVANSER first started tracking online phone conversions we required our clients to Manually Tag the destination URL using Google’s UTM parameters. This allowed AVANSER to obtain vital information regarding the visitor and allocate unique numbers based on Source/Medium/Campaign etc.

Then in 2012, AVANSER introduced Session DNR Tracking which automated this process. Now 2 years on we are heading back to the future – but this time prepared for the road ahead!

How does this affect AVANSER clients using Session DNR Tracking:

The good news is there is no change in data that is being displayed in your Google Analytics and Google AdWords accounts. All keyword and search query data is automatically filtered into your Google accounts as usual, it is only within the AVANSER portal that the search query data will be withheld [same way as Organic is (not provided)].

Previously AVANSER has been reporting on the search query within our Portal (e.g. AVANSER call tracking Australia) however now the data will be restricted to the actual keyword that triggered the ad (e.g. call tracking). AVANSER clients will still be able to:


Note: If you are using the AVANSER Portal to generate your reports and would still like to see the keywords that triggered your PPC ad, you will need to tag your Destination URL correctly by adding some value track parameters.

Speak with an AVANSER Online Solutions Specialist if you require more information on how this may impact your account:

By James O’Neill

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