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Meet your new ARTIC Business Manager: Jonathan Tate

With the launch of AVANSER’s new Real-Time Intelligent Call Centre (ARTIC), AVANSER is excited to appoint Jonathan Tate as the ARTIC Business Manager. With extensive experience in the telecommunication industry, Jonathan will be taking the reign to drive the ARTIC business in today’s technology driven market and introduce the value ARTIC can bring to businesses. Jonathan has extensive experience in the telecommunications industry and has been a key member with AVANSER for over nine years. In his most recent role as Product Manager, he has been the key driver in developing ARTIC.

We asked Jonathan what he has in store for ARTIC  :

What will be your top focuses as Business Manager for ARTIC over the next few months?

  1. Optimising call handling – so that agents and larger clients who are scaling up their call handling teams can have an easier time managing their workload.
  2. Improve self management tools to help customers get what they need when they need it.
  3. Additional reporting features to provide more useful insights.

How will AVANSER customers benefit from your new appointment as Business Manager?

I can dedicate all my time to developing ARTIC. It is an amazing product! With more potential to provide insights into how calls are being managed, it provides a better caller experiences. I am excited to see where we will take ARTIC’s capabilities.

I will focus on educating people on ARTIC. Our sales teams are knowledgeable and can help our customers understand how ARTIC can work in their business. I will work with our support teams to ensure our customers are getting the service they need.

How easy is it for customers to move over to ARTIC if they already have a traditional call centre set up?

Very easy. It’s simple to lay ARTIC over the top of their existing infrastructure. The customer can have a trial run to make sure it does what they need. They can use existing hardware and phone lines and have no lock in contracts,this takes the risk out. Once the trial is successful,  teams can implement it in stages to avoid disrupting their business.

I’d actually encourage not only call centres to use ARTIC, but any business who needs their calls answered by a team to use it. One of the main benefits of a solution like this is that the costly hardware needed to have this functionality is no longer required. You can get started with whatever equipment you have. It’s  the best way to ensure callers get through to someone as fast as possible, and keep missed calls to a minimum. It’s a cost effective solution for any business.

What do you hope to achieve in the long term with ARTIC?

Long term, I want to see ARTIC automate the tasks that take up a lot of people’s time. For example, I’m a bit of a data nerd so I like trawling through data to see what I can make of it. The reality is when you are running a team or a business you don’t always have the luxury of taking time to look through the data. Instead you need something that simply and succinctly tells you what you need at a glance.

What are your favourite features of ARTIC?

For me it’s the cloud aspect of it. Anyone who has worked with off site teams will understand how tedious it can be to try and hunt down someone you need to speak with . With ARTIC you can hop in at anytime and see who is in for the day and if they are free to speak. It’s fantastic.

On top of that it opens up some flexible opportunities for the teams that take calls from our queues. Normally, you are tied to whatever location the queue funnels to, ARTIC allows team members to work from home, or anywhere else they have internet access and still work as part of the team.

I used to work in call centres, lots of roles had flexibility to work from home, but as a call handling agent that option was never available. It was so good to finally have that flexibility.

Click here and how find out more about ARTIC and how it can benefit your business.

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