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Mexican stand-off at AVANSER HQ

Three Mexican banditos came into the circle and one was left standing at last Friday’s AVANSER Mexican guacamole and salsa taste-off.

  1. George ‘the maniac’ Moussa.
  2. ‘Danger boy’ Deane Adams.
  3. Rebecca ‘R.I.P.’ Ryan.

During a heated judging session, one judge was ejected from the panel after admitting to being ‘compromised’.

The judging continued with incredibly close decisions, it was then left to Jonathan Tate with the swing vote helping George secure his second victory.


The ‘Maniac’ placing finishing touches on dish.


The winning guacamole dish.


Judges begin the sampling process. Vahob ‘the Villian’ Rasti looks on in the background.


The AVANSER team enjoys the spoils.


Good times at AVANSER HQ.


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