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NEW FEATURE – Automated Return Calls

AVANSER’s ARTIC Call Centre Agents can now save valuable time by having their missed calls automatically queued up to call back without going offline to look up and dial the required numbers.  AVANSER’s ARTIC automated return call feature allows ARTIC users to set in place rules for identifying the missed or abandoned calls that matter to them most, and scheduling up an automated return of that call. This ensures that 100% of missed calls can be returned quickly, whilst leads are still hot and customers are still willing to engage.

Convert More Leads Whilst Making It Easier For Your Team

It is unavoidable that some calls will be missed by businesses, however a lot can be done to reduce the impact of missed calls. Studies by the Lead Response Management found that calling a lead in the first 5 minutes is 100 times more likely to result in contact. The study also shows that missed leads who have their calls returned within 5 minutes are 21 times more likely to be qualified. And if you return that call within an hour that lead is 7 times more likely to be qualified than if you wait longer. The faster you act on your missed calls the better the customer experience, and the greater your chances of success. 


The only way to ensure your team consistently reach your missed customers back quickly is to allow significant labour to do so, or to automate the process. 


AVANSER’s ARTIC Automated Return Calls takes away all the effort in returning your leads. With the Automated Return Call feature enabled, your agent is immediately fed the return call as soon as they finish up their current call, ensuring a rapid response time, better customer experience, and increasing your chances of converting a lead. 


AVANSER’s ARTIC is the next generation Cloud-Based Call Centre Technology offering dozens of optional call tracking features. It comes standard with smart call transfer and limitless call queuing technology that can be deployed to businesses big or small without any infrastructure cost. Implementing call centre function to your business is no longer rigid and costly. 


Learn more about ARTIC and what it can do for your business:


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