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Product Spotlight – Call Outcome

Product Spotlight – Call Outcome

last year AVANSER launched our Call Outcome product – allowing businesses to quickly and effectively track sales results by having staff enter the value of a sale after the phone call has finished.

With a simple menu prompt, a rep using their telephone keypad indicates whether the call resulted in a sale and then enters the dollar amount of that sale. The value is then recorded in the AVANSER portal and easily accessed via our real-time reporting function.

As a business you can then start to assign a correct dollar value to sales made over the phone, track the conversion rate of individual sales staff and look at which campaigns are delivering the best return on investment for your business.

If you are utilising AVANSER’S online tracking solution your Call Outcome data can be pushed into your Google Analytics account. You can then factor the sale value into your CPA for individual keywords and or campaigns.

Call outcome is ideal for any business trying to measure the ROI of their marketing activity or sales conversions more accurately.

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By Simon Pereira

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