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The importance of call tracking in your attribution model.

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There are two key reasons to include call tracking in your attribution model. The first is to track leads and conversion via the phone the second is for conversion optimisation.

Path to Conversion

Calls represent a key path to conversion, including them in your attribution model helps bridge the gap between online activity and offline conversions increasing the accuracy of you attribution model.

In the last couple of years the importance of phone leads has been well documented, and with statistics suggesting that over 50% of all mobile ads result in a call and “Click to Call” campaigns achieving between 5% – 30% improved conversions* it’s not hard to see why.

With the continued proliferation of smart phones (it’s predicted that 60% of the world’s population will own a smart phone by 2019**) the immediacy and convenience of a phone call as form of conversion and information gathering is unlikely to depreciate anytime soon.

Online or Dynamic Call tracking is also easy to implement, most providers can implement their solution though container tags such as Datalicious, Tealium, ensighten, and Google Tag Manager.

Once on site dynamic numbers enable online marketers to automatically display a unique tracking number on a website according to the specific keyword, search engine, referring website or banner ad. Assuming your provider is using a real time session based methodology, this allows you to accurately attribute calls back to the online traffic sources that generate them.

Given the value of a call, the level of accuracy in reporting and the ease of implementation you need to be tracking calls in your attribution model to capture what is a key path to conversion or inquiry for your customers.

Conversion Optimisation

Call tracking also delivers additional information on calls which can help you assign a more accurate value to phone leads and therefore the channel that generated them. Giving you the opportunity to optimise to higher value leads within your attribution model.


The current focus of the call tracking industry has been on the development and improvement of “Call Analytics” solutions, which focus on measuring the value of a call. Companies like Call Journey with their Emotive Voice Streams solution which combined with a call tracking provider like AVANSER can report on not only the source, purpose and status of a call but also the tone, sentiment and result. Creating a whole new data source and a richer/ deeper metric to your attribution model.

Combined with other basic call handling features and reports such as, recording, location and call trend data. Call tracking provides the insights you need to optimise the conversion of leads coming in via the phone and the channels that generated them.

There is no point building an attribution model unless you intent to optimise it and if you are not tracking calls, then you are likely missing a key path to conversion, a vital piece of your attribution model and the chance to optimise your activity to its full potential.

Originally posted on LinkedIn by Simon Pereira

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