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Why integration matters

We often talk about integrations and in the last few years has become a bit of talking point, but how can it help your organisation? 


Integrating your calls into Bid management, CRM and Web Analytics will efficiently help you close the gaps in your customer journey to get more out of your data giving your business meaningful insights to make better informed decisions:


CRM – Integrate your call with significant CRM platform.


CRMs are one of the most important sales tools in any organisation. They inform businesses about their sales pipeline, detail where and why leads were lost and converted, and track the activity of their sales team. By integrating your call data into your CRM, you gain access to valuable insights on your business’s sales operations.


Benefit from increased data and functionality:

  1. See the offline call activity of your sales team.
  2. Record and report on the customer lifecycle from the initial lead, to the first contact attempt and finally the converted sale.
  3. Automate workflows based off the call data.
  4. Directly call and SMS your prospects.

AVANSER integrates with Salesforce and other leading CRM vendors – take a look at our integrations 



Web Analytics


Web Analytics help you understand your customers’ online journey, from where they came onto the page and how they viewed the website, to where they made the conversion.These platforms track and report all manner of data on your website’s performance.

By integrating the phone call into your web analytics solution you gain full insight into the customer journey, including how the website visit converted into the phone call.  You can also drill down further and attribute the call to the specific source/medium/campaign from which the visit originated. This will help you to optimise your marketing efforts .

AVANSER can help you integrate your GA and other analytics solutions 

Bid management software


Bid Management solutions are essential for effectively running digital marketing campaigns. They automate many of the manual tasks involved in today’s marketing such as budget allocation, keyword generation and conversion tracking.

Integrating with your chosen Bid Management system will enhance its already powerful capabilities with additional data, thereby empowering your marketing team with new insights into offline conversions and allowing them to make better informed decisions on which campaigns are generating the most ROI. This solves one of the main weaknesses of these solutions; they by themselves can not track what happens to the visitor post-click.


AVANSER can work with you to enhance your existing Bid Management solution. Take a look how >>


Custom Business Systems

Increasingly businesses are building their own purpose fit systems to meet the needs of the service they provide to their customers. AVANSER is experienced in custom integrations with a range or proprietary systems for our clients.  Some integrations can be simply set up with our range of robust API’s, or alternatively we can work to your system requirements. 



About AVANSER: AVANSER is one of the Top Leading Technical Companies Headquartered in Australia serving local as well as Global companies since 2003. It provides its clients with invaluable Marketing Intelligence data by offering real time Call Tracking and Analytical tools empowering Businesses to make better decisions.

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