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The Power of Integrations – Zapier




In today’s busy and tech-complex world, businesses are searching more and more to automate basic tasks and share their data between the different systems they use.


In case you haven’t heard of Zapier, it’s a platform that offers the ability to easily create connections between over one thousand different solutions. It allows users and businesses to automate a lot of the daily tedious tasks they are forced to do in order to move their data between the tools they use.


AVANSER is known for its suite of Integrations and the flexibility they provide when it comes to displaying data where clients need it. We take a solution-agnostic approach to how clients use our data and as such we saw the value Zapier could provide. As a result, in May we released our Zapier integration! Since then, we’ve helped many of our clients to automate the transfer of their AVANSER data in to the CRMs, Dashboards and other tools they use to run their business.


The integration has allowed us to deliver an efficient report to our partners detailing the number of phone leads, the number of web leads along with other marketing data in a nice dashboard and report each month. It alleviates the manual process of combining various reports of lead generation

Jackie Perris – Marketing Manager, Nuflow


The AVANSER Zapier app connects your data to any other platform you use. It allows you to set up advanced workflows, such as creating a lead in Hubspot when a call is received to your AVANSER tracking number and then sending an SMS confirmation to the caller if the call is missed, notifying them they will be called back.

Speak to your Account Manager to find out how AVANSER and Zapier can automate your data today.


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