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Xplan Integration: Take your client engagement to the next level.

AVANSER is known for its suite of integrations and the flexibility it provides when it comes to automation, storage and segmentation of data to meet our clients’ commercial needs for their organisation. We recognise the challenges financial industries face in manually capturing conversations during internal and external meetings, and the importance of establishing a client engagement technology platform that captures every word said accurately in business discussions. Therefore, AVANSER now integrates with Xplan, bringing additional benefit to our current solutions offering.


With AVANSER’s new Xplan integration, financial industries will be empowered in streamlining their data entry by automating client file noting, combining phone calls and transcription data. Using an indistinguishable AVANSER virtual tracking number, phone calls made to this number can be transcribed and stored as a file note document under the client’s record in Xplan, attributed to the person who made the call.




This feature will improve your quality of conversations as it allows you to be more responsive and focused on what your clients are really trying to express in their conversations with you, as the automated live recording and transcription functionality removes the need to write or type notes. Users will greatly benefit from:


  • Having conversation transcribed to Xplan file note in minutes
  • Eliminating manual file noting activity (let technology do the work for you)
  • Having high quality file notes based on the full transcription that accurately records what was said.
  • Taking front-end digitisation of conversations to the next level


On top of that, with all your conversations captured and stored accurately every time, your compliance standards and record keeping will be taken to the next level, and you can achieve time and expense savings through a streamlined process with better compliance standards and automated systems.

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